Solar system

Solar system: A collapsed from space dust and dead stars before 4.6 billion years ago, to create the Sun as we know it, the planets with their moon and the other object from asteroid belts to luding comets, centaurs and interplanetary dust it orbits the center of the milky way galaxy in about 250 million year period.

Small objects also orbits the sun, the  Asteroid belt which consist of minor irregular shape lies between mars and jupiter orbits, the kuiper belt extending from the orbit of the eighth planet Neptune, the scattered belt which contain icy object and the inner part of it is the kuiper belt, and finally the Sednoid belt, lies outside an apparently nearly empty gap in the Solar System starting at about 50 AU, and have no significant interaction with the planets.

The system has Eight Planets, with Pluto as known as dwarf planet, after it was considered the ninth planet until 2006. A ninth planet is about to be discovered by 2016, as years before they have found perturbation in Sednoid bodies orbits, that cannot happen by the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn or the other planets.